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When it comes to finishes, we strive for that natural appeal.  Most of our products retail prices include a one-coat finish. Two-coat finishes will add $4.00 to $10.00 per corbel, depending on size and style chosen.

Note: unfinished corbels are $5.00 less than retail, for any corbel. When you chose the finish from the drop down menu, you’ll notice that the price will automatically change in the box.

Outdoor Use: If you choose to use our products outdoors in the elements, it’ll take time, but they will weather at some point.  If they’re used under a countertop outdoors, they should last years without seeing any rust.  If you do wish for the product to rust, then you’ll want to purchase it unfinished.  Keep in mind, our powder coat finishes are made to last the longest in the elements, unfinished with clear and antique pewter won’t do as well.

Our finishes and how they are applied:

Black – Sandblasted, then powder coated.

Old World – Sandblasted, powder coated and dry brushed with a chocolate brown.

Oil Rubbed Bronze – Sandblasted, powder coated and dry brushed with a dark copper finish.

Antique Pewter – After we fabricate this bracket, we dry brush a black over the shinny grinder marks to give it that aged look.

Greystone - After pre-treatment, we lightly dry-brush a light gray over a good portion of the base, then we matte clear powder-coat for the last step.  This finish shows some of the raw mill finish from the steel, which is a charcoal gray color.  Another large portion of this finish are the grinding marks, they tend to mimic stainless steel.  We feel that the mixture of all of the grays really complement one another.  It's a labor intensive finish, but it's one of our favorites.

Unfinished w/clear coat – After we fabricate this bracket, we clear coat it with a satin polyurethane.  It’s a dull clear finish with minimal shine.

Unfinished ready for paint – After we fabricate this bracket, we blow it off and wrap it up for shipment.  Allowing you to paint it yourself.